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The Rhine-Main metropolitan area is centrally located in Germany and Europe. It is a geographical area that extends over three federal states. There are cities such as Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Offenbach, Worms and Aschaffenburg in Bavaria. The center of this region is the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main conurbation.

If one takes the largest possible approach of the definition of the Rhine-Main area, then we are talking about a metropolitan area with approx. 5.8 million inhabitants. If you take the smallest intersection, you still come to a number of approx. 2.4 million inhabitants.

The curious thing is that this region, in which economic power and pulsating life come so closely together, is divided into three different federal states.

There are about 5 kilometers distance between Wiesbaden and Mainz, while Kassel is over 220 kilometers away from Wiesbaden. Kassel and Wiesbaden are located in the same federal state.

Commuter links are also enormous. Certainly there are people who only move around in their part of town. However, there are also completely different examples. Frankfurt has almost 800,000 inhabitants and receives daily visits from over 400,000 commuters.


The city of Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in Hesse with almost 800,000 inhabitants and the fifth largest in Germany. It is located in the center of the Frankfurt / Rhein-Main metropolitan region



The Hessian state capital Wiesbaden has approx. 290,000 inhabitants and is known for its thermal and mineral baths. Both factors make Wiesbaden a spa and conference city.



The capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, with around 218,000 inhabitants, is the independent city of Mainz on the Rhine. It was founded in Roman times.