Palmengarten Frankfurt

The Palmengarten is one of three botanical gardens in Frankfurt am Main and is located in the Westend district. With 22 hectares it is one of the largest gardens of its kind in Germany.

Entry Palmengarten Frankfurt - Anna16

The Palmengarten Frankfurt was founded in 1871 and is 22 hectares in size. Around 13,000 plant species can be found in the field and in its greenhouses. There are different houses with very specific vegetation. The palm house, the tropicarium, the flower and butterfly house, the subantikhaus, various alpine houses. In the Tropicarium, for example, different but similar vegetations are reproduced. Mountain rainforests or lowland rainforests, monsoon forests or mangroves even savannas and desert landscapes are shown here. The visitor is sometimes in the USA or Mexico, around the corner he is suddenly in southern Angola or Madagascar or should it be Australia. Pepper bushes, cocoa trees, bamboo, the largest orchid in the world, palms and ferns of all kinds grow in the complex of the humid tropics.