The most famous sons of the city are the Brothers Grimm, who are responsible for many German fairy tales.

Schloss Philippsruhe - Frank Weih https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.de


The Hessian city of Hanau has almost 100,000 inhabitants. As the former residence of the Lords and Counts of Hanau, it has numerous historical sights.

Hanau was first mentioned in 1143 as a moated castle. In the 16th century, this castle began to be converted into the Hanau City Palace.

Well-known sights in the old town are the German Goldsmith's House, the Wilhemsbad health resort, Philippsruhe Castle with the Hanau Historical Museum.

Hanau is particularly known for its connections to the Brothers Grimm and German fairy tales. The two brothers were born in Hanau in 1785 (Jacob) and 1786 (Wilhelm). Their works include the collection “Children's and Household Tales”, “German Legends”, the books “German Mythology” and “German Dictionary”. The latter is often simply called "Der Grimm". Accordingly, you can learn a lot about the world of fairy tales in Hanau. The German Fairy Tale Route begins in Hanau and ends in Bremen. There is a fairy tale trail in Hanau and the museum GrimmsMärchenReich. There is also a paper theater museum.

The Alte Fasanerie wildlife park, which is home to numerous animal species, is particularly exciting for children.